They are known as "Sioux City's Ultimate Rock Band". With their unique blend of on the edge original rock music with brilliant songwriting and lyrical content that's true to life, soaring vocal harmonies, tight instrumentation, and high energy stage performance, Entrapment is secure in the title as one of Sioux City's best rock bands. 

       Entrapment was formed in May of 1996, with members D. "Bunk" Davis (Bass & Vocals), Ross Larvick (Drums & Vocals), Rick Hughes (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals) and Bruce Kennedy (Lead Guitar).  These guys went on to play a number of club dates including shows with Recording Artists such as Indigenous.

       With the departure of Bruce in February 1998, longtime friend and guitarist Bob Peters stepped in to fill the void.

Having paired off in six different bands in twelve years, these friends found the right combination of chemistry and blend of individual styles that created the one of a kind sound and on stage magic that keeps the crowds coming back for more.

After a year of honing their skills by playing various club dates they, in 1999, beat out 24 other bands to win the First Annual Rivercade Battle of the Bands, which entitled them to be the opening act for Def Leppard.  Entrapment then went on to headline one night of the three day Tommy Bolin (Guitarist for James Gang, Deep Purple, Solo Artist) Festival that also featured Black Oak Arkansas, Glenn Hughes formerly of Deep Purple, and Buddy Miles of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

       A few months later the band used their Rivercade winnings to record a 6-song demo.

In the fall of 2000 the group disbanded but after a helpful absence once again started rocking crowds in August 2001 for a 3-month stint, after which Bob Peters left the group.

      The band rehearsed through the winter and spring and resurfaced at June Jam 2002 with a new enthusiasm, a few new original songs, and Kirk "Wood" McKnight in the lead guitarist position. This lineup played 10 shows including the opening slot for Rick Derringer at the Tommy Bolin Fest 2002. Later this year, because of creative conflicts, Rick Hughes decided to step down and the band played it's farewell gig at the Crosstown Café on October 18th, 2002.

       2003 brought continued interest in the band and pressure from fans to regroup. Rick, Bunk, and Ross started having telephone conversations that lead to just that. In May the band came back together and reenlisted their first axeman Bruce "The Shadow" Kennedy to once again complete the quartet.

       After getting back into form and showing that they've "still got it", Entrapment was given the opening slot for Grand Funk Railroad at Awesome Harley Nights on June 19th 2004. Later this summer they would once again win the Rivercade Battle of the Bands.

    In the summer of 2007 they would play Awesome Biker Nights once again, this time opening for Firehouse and Warrant.

     Afterwards there would be a temporary change of drummers with the band eventually retiring to the studio as a 3-piece in the fall of 2008 and returning to the stage with core members almost 2 years to the day in 2009. By this time 3 band members were involved in side projects which would take center stage in 2010-11.

     By spring of 2011 focus was shifting back to the band when Bob Peters decided to rejoin the group making it a 5-piece for the first time. They played an impromtu set at the George Larvick Memorial Jam in June to an excited house.

     For some time, the band desired to form a tribute to it's favorite & most covered group,
Alice In Chains. They formed Enchainment & did a bit of a warm up show at the 2012 Larvick  Memorial Jam. Enchainment did a full opening tribute set in July, after which Bruce went on to other endeavors leaving the band with it's 2nd original lineup.

     The band's current focus is to continue it's tribute and full cover shows while working on some new original material, and they would like to do a full-length recording. In the meantime, they will continue to dazzle audiences and build their fan base as they rattle the bars, clubs, and festivals.
After all, it's where they do their best work!