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Everything that is written here is my (D. Bunk's) point of view and I alone will be the only one who is responsible and accountable for anything and everything that is written here. Thank you.
Hi there & Happy New Year!  We had our own after party down at Dr. D's Dungeon where we jammed until 4:30am, it was a good time!
    Anyway, the opening days of this year, for me, have been about changes.
We'll have to see what this year will bring for us. Hopefully it will bring a change
in activity for this band.
    Hope to see you out in front of us soon, till then take care.
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Well, in tradition of keeping things in this band going "full circle" we have
a crew member returning to his post.
We'd like to welcome our friend, Jon "The Equalizer" Waugh, back into the fold and behind the soundboard. "Metal Mike" Stansbury will still join him back there when he's able.
Also, we have a bit of a news brief on the News & Schedule page.
See ya soon, Rock On, Man!!!
Are you ready for us?   We're playing Lewis Bowl on Mar. 4th, see News & Schedule for details...
The band has just purchased a bunch of new gear & we're ready to rock!
We hope you are!!!
Thanks to all who voted for us in the Siouxland's Choice Awards despite our inactivity.
We didn't ask for votes... it shows us that our fans are there even if we're not.
Y'all are the greatest. YOU ROCK!!!
Lewis Bowl with the Rob Hill Freakshow - Wow! What can I say about this night??.....
Rob Hill's show was very cool... & freaky... that with the skewers in the face, pins in the arms, blowing fire, then having hooks put in his back and pulling a truck full of people!
   Some people were only there to see him and not us so the show was kinda strange, our people did show up, though, and stuck around afterwards, so we rocked!! Thanks to all of you for coming out & welcoming us back. Was I embarrassed? Nah!
03/31 & 04/01
The Depot - Norfolk Ne. - Our 1st time in this place & man, what a place!
The stage was good sized, the sound was enormous, and the crowd likes it heavy. All you could want from a rock bar with a built in sports bar and dance club. We partied with the soundman, Perry, who is one cool & crazy dude. He took the stage with us on our last song of the weekend singing Thunderkiss '65 which friggin rocked! It was a great weekend & we can't wait to get back there. Thanks to Rick Moore for the hookup!
Hi there! I was just doing some updating on the site and figured I'd drop a note to let alla youes know what's up. Well... I'm adding a Media page to the site which replaces our old Weekender page because... it was limited to just one media. I'll drop some more stuff in there when I have the time.
   Also, if you don't know by know, we'll be playing back at The Depot in Norfolk on May 5th & 6th, Awesome Biker Nights on June 16, and making our 1st appearance at The Chesterfield on July 15th. We'll be booking in other places, as well, so stay tuned.
05/05 & 06
The Depot - Norfolk Ne. - Good to be back out in Norfolk again. The Saturday night show rocked! We'll be back!
Awesome Biker Nights - opening for Warrant & Firehouse - RAINED OUT!
Such is our luck most of the time when dealing with mother nature.
The Chesterfield - This place is very cool with a touch of class. The sound was unbelievably clean at that volume. We had alot of fun from the get-go, thanks to all of our hometown following that showed up, which seemed like everybody! Man, out of the woodwork and everything! Y'all ROCK!!! Great night, have to give this place an A+.
07/07 & 08
The Depot - Norfolk Ne. - Good to be back out in Norfolk again. The Saturday night show rocked! It was cool to have some hometown folks show up! You guys ROCK!
The Circle E Sound page, featuring Jon "The Equalizer" Waugh, is now open.
I've also decided to start a mailing list. Find both on the home page. C ya.
Tommy Bolin Festival at The Chesterfield - This was an excellent gig on a way cool night! We were the second band on and played a set of mainly originals which, by our suprise, were very well accepted. We'd play a song and the crowd would roar, way cool! The "Top Down" band was most excellent, I highly recommend hearing them, and the Johnnie Bolin Band jam was killer. Great night... and the bar makes a mean Long Island!
New set of pictures from The Depot in Norfolk, Ne. are in the Gallery.
09/15 & 16
The Depot - Norfolk Ne. - Good to be back out in Norfolk again. The Saturday night show rocked! It was cool to have some hometown folks show up! You guys ROCK!
We open our My Space pages at
D.bunk's page at

Check it out!
12/15 & 16
The Huddle - S. Sioux City Ne. - The Huddle opens up bigger & better.
Not a bad place at all to play. Great crowd this weekend! Friday night was kinda shaky as Ross had to leave before the last set... we pulled it off as a 3 piece tho & didn't
do bad at all! If you weren't there then you missed something really cool!
Saturday night Dr. John's Lingerie & Novelty Boutique left gift bags in celebration of the 1st annual Orgasm For Peace Day. There were some pretty funny things comming out of those bags! We hope everyone put them to good use!
We look forward to playing there again soon.

Anyway, you all have a great holiday season & we'll see you next year!