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Everything that is written here is my (D. Bunk's) point of view and I will be the only one who is responsible and accountable for anything that is written here. Thank you.
The Ickey Nickel - New Year's Eve Party - Hi there & Happy New Year!
Did you have as good a time as we did bringing in the New Year? There were alot of bands playing around town this holiday, we had an excellent turnout and we thank everyone who came out to celebrate it with us.
    We haven't decided yet, but we're thinking about taking just a little time off because after looking at our set list we all want to do some new songs. We'll probably do a show in February or something and ride out what we all know will probably be a cold, snowy January.
Anyway, check back often for updates & the New Year's pictures which will be up soon
and have a very happy & prosperous new year!

Practice moves from Ross' basement to Rick's basement.
Hello. Yes, it's been awhile, I know.  I was having some pc problems and then something else came up that has more or less applied the brake to this machine (the band, that is)...
It was private so we've been quiet... but for those of you wondering why we seem to have fallen of the face of this planet, I guess it's time to break the silence...
   We've been dealing with an ongoing problem, with an underlying "problem", that hasn't been dealt with and hasn't been this severe since about a year ago... and that's probably all I should say about that for now as to spare feelings. Sorry for being so vague, if I have to I'll get into more detail about it later.
   Anyway, the band hasn't been able to practice as a whole for about 6 weeks. The rest of  us have continued to practice, though, with a drum machine to keep time. It's not quite the same as the real thing, but we need to keep our chops up and the rust out.  We were told that we might be able to get back on track and practice as a full band in about 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully then we'll be able to book some gigs and get back to doing what we love to do. God knows we all miss playing... Thanks for understanding and we hope to see you soon
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Well, guess who talked us into practicing last night?  That would be correct.
We voiced our concerns, talked it all out, listened to his plan, then did some jammin'.
It was a very high energy practice and probably one of our longest. We haven't lost anything.
With our drummer back in place it's just a short matter of time before we're back out!
So, we'd like to welcome our drummer and founding member Ross back to the band.
    We'd also like to thank Johnnie Bolin for his help in this.
We're thinking about changing our logo, which one of these do you think will work?
If you still don't get it think:  AC-DC, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Label Society or The Sopranos.
Tommy Bolin Fest '05 - Historic 4th St. - One of our better jams, nice & laid back.
Those of you who were not there or made it too late missed a killer set. A good time was had by all.
Hi there. Well... it's been a strange year. We've dealt with our share of problems, as usual, & got most of them worked out. Seems like with this band there's always been more chaos, confusion, disorder & drama than there are times of smooth sailing. Such is life, eh?
Anyway, Ross now owns new drums... that's good. Rick has a new home & we have a nicer place to practice, which is good. The band, for now, is still intact which is good. We've been practicing about every weekend and have worked up more than enough songs, which is also good.
What's not so good is that we're short on gear which is what happened with the departure of our former sound guy. This creates a dilema in the band. We could get by on what we've got & play some gigs to earn some cash to buy gear... or not. Shouldn't be too big a problem but it appears to be for some reason. The local music scene isn't what it used to be when we were last out (Zat's, Steve's Place, etc... gone. Crosstown Cafe no longer having bands). There are a few old places left  & some new ones to play, so all is not lost.
I don't know if it's just winter blahs or if there's a real disinterest from this group's members sometimes. Right now everyone is focused on jobs and family which is a good thing, but I fear that if this thing we're trying to do just cools on the back burner forgotten we'll end up with something that just needs to be thrown out...
All just a little peek into my head, though, so don't worry & I'll try to keep looking on the bright side. Enough said.

    We end this year with our hopes and good health. Our hopes for good health, happiness, & prosperity to you in the New Year. We hope to see you then.
God Bless.
Well, there have been some more "changes" in the past couple of weeks and it's time to continue our explanation. I'll start from before I left off with the above entry:
   We've been dealing with an ongoing problem, with an underlying "problem", that hasn't been dealt with and hasn't been this severe since about a year ago, the last time this happened.  To put it very bluntly, the bottom line is that our drummer has, once again, relinquished possession of his entire instrument as collateral for a low interest loan.
   We had hoped that he would deal with certain matters for his own sake, but also wouldn't continue to put the band at risk of losing work, exposure, and valuable practice time, not to mention the chance of permanently losing his drums and putting us in the very uncomfortable, disturbing, and inconvenient position of having to leave our beloved brother behind and find his replacement... but our hopes, along with all of the intervention, for now are in vain.
   Since I wrote the above things have finally hit rock bottom. We thought the downward spiral couldn't possibly get any worse BUT... without his employment it will be impossible for him to reclaim his drums. The band isn't in the position this time around to help him and our hands have been stretched out to him for some time now, but he's put himself in a place where we can no longer reach him.
    We've toiled and agonized for weeks... no, years... for a viable solution and have, with much grief, finally given into the inevitable.
It's with a heavy heart and much love and hope to our brother that we say goodbye. Best of luck to you, my friend, please get well.
We audition an excellent drummer from Sgt. Bluff.
We're gonna give him time to learn some of the material, jam again, kinda feel it out and see what happens. The show must go on, right?...
  Edit 04/01 - As it turns out, I guess he's not interested.
I have a statement to make and a couple of questions to ask.
First, has everyone read the statement at the top of the page?
Is the statement not clear?

Now, for future reference, my partner, friends, and bandmates don't influence any writing here.
It's just me.... D. Bunk
Ross was one of the best friends I ever had.

I wish he could look at this scenerio through our eyes, I mean I feel like part of my life
has been stripped away...  why?    What I think about most often when I look back on it all, is all of the history.  A decade of genuine friendship, difficulty & triumphs - gone.

Why... is the correct question....  "them" is not the correct answer. 
                                                                  LOOK AROUND YOU                
I still wish he could find a way to come back...
Right now we're working on a few leads with another audition taking place this weekend.
I'll keep you posted. Keep the faith & we'll do the same.
No access to drums for several weeks so we're at a standstill.
Now what?
Friggin wow! I guess the "now what?" would be this:

I found out earlier today that Ross' drums were sold last Saturday for a mere $300.
I found out later tonight that the drums are for sale on ebay for $500 with a "buy it now"
price of $750. The seller is someone named "ktivundercover" and pictures from this very site are being used to sell the drums... which is not cool.
Our pictures were eventually taken off of the auction, thank you Mr. M.T.
I just watched the auction come to an end.
The drums were bid on in the last 10 seconds, they sold for $515 with $150 shipping cost,
so they're gone and with them our hopes of buying them back.

The biggest set of drums in town are now just a memory.