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Finally added this year's Rivercade pictures to the GALLERY page.
I added the lyrics to our tunes on the SONGLIST page.
Bruce's faves now on the LINKS page.
We have a new photo on the CONTACTS page.
Thanks to Jim Selfridge for the new pix.
After 2 years here's the new BAND BIO!
Add Ross' drum configuration to his page.
Everything that is written here is my (D. Bunk's) point of view and I will be the only one who is responsible and accountable for anything that is written here. Thank you.
From the Entrapment News & Schedule page:

Rumors, rumors, rumors.......
I know alot of people have been doing alot of talking. In the last half a year since the band's breakup I've heard it all!


We already know what alot of people will say... "Getting back together for the 4th time in 3 years just to break up again in another 6 months..."  Well... don't know what to say about that or what our future will hold.   We love playing together in this band, seeing eye-to-eye is another thing. I guess it's just about whether we can get past our differences in the band's direction, personal stuff, & if we can just agree to disagree or whatever.

What I can tell you is this:  We're in talking mode...

Everybody's talked to each other & we all want it back on.  We haven't had the opportunity to all get together & talk face to face yet & try to get everything sorted out, but we all know that we want to get together, find a place to jam, and do some writing with the hopes of getting a good recording out of it.

And that's basically it for now.  I don't know when we'll get to play in front of a crowd again, but you can bet that I'll let you know when we do! That is if we can get back in to alot of the places we've walked away from time & again...

Thanks alot, people, for your support through the years, for standing by each of us through the tough times, kicking us in the butt and for believing in this band when we didn't.  I really appreciate all of the "pushing" alot of you have done, even though we may have been really annoyed by it!!!  A special thanks from me since I was telling alot of you that I'd never do it again!

So yeah, you all have finally succeeded in getting us back together. Now keep your ears open!


P.S. I hope I'm not jumping the gun here...
Bruce Kennedy (our 1st lead guitarist) has officially jumped back in to rejoin us.
Our 1st practice.
Add Ross' drum configuration to his page.
I finally complete Bruce's page, check it out!
After 2 years here's the new BAND BIO!
Rivercade Showcase of Bands - Beer Tent - You wanna talk about your run-of-the-mill typical Rivercade screw ups!  KMEG, The Sioux City Journal, The Weekender, & even Rivercade's own site was full of mis-information. All of them saying something different!
I guess last year's tent got blown across the river, so we played in a tent that was being dwarfed by the actual beer serving tent. The stage was plywood laid on the grass (surfing anyone?) & the 1st band had to start a half hour late because the soundman Ray's contract said he was supposed to start at 7 instead of 6, it wasn't his fault....get it together people!
I'm not complaining here, I just think it's funny & thought I'd share it with ya....that's all.
         Anyway, the show started with The Shadows, then Haven't The Faintest (a young, local hard-rocking original band), then us followed by the boys from North Shore Dr.
Our set was said to have "rocked" or "kicked ass". I agree...
We worked hard the last month & I think it showed... NOTHING was lacking.
         Our set list, for those of you who missed it, was as follows (originals in red):
God Forgive, God Forsaken
You're Not the One
Thunderkiss '65
Symphony of Destruction
Don't Walk Away
We Die Young / Them Bones
Pray (Prey)

...and it was good!!!
Welcome back Bruce, I'm glad you exercized your contract's 'right to reinstatement' clause!

We have a new photo on the CONTACTS page.
Thanks to Jim Selfridge for the new pix.
10th Annual Tommy Bolin Festival - Lewis Bowl - We were glad that Johnny asked us to be a part of this for the 6th consecutive year. We played for about 1-1/2 hours & had a good time. Thanks to everybody who showed up, y'all made it fun!
We played a birthday jam in Winnebago, Ne. ............
We start work on a new original called "The Cleansing".
Bruce's faves now on the LINKS page.
I added the lyrics to our tunes on the SONGLIST page.
This site changes to EntrapmentRocks.com
I added a SITE MAP....   By the way, we're doing well & learning new stuff every week. We're also having fun remodeling & decorating our practice space! I'll have to take some pictures so y'all can see... hmmm...... a new lair ..... don't forget to vote the new poll.......see ya's later!!!
So it be's like that, huh? Ok then, let the weeding out begin...
Sorry, y'all, if that's too inside.
Finally added this year's Rivercade pictures to the GALLERY page.
LAIR?  Hmm.....  look for subtle changes throughout the site.
By the way, YOU!... checking us out from the library, why dont you sign our guestbook & let me know who you are.... I'll give you a CD or password or something...    :)
Oh c'mon I know you've been here!!!
By the way, I know it's coming along very slowly... I'd be the first to complain.... but I wont.
Practice has been scarce lately.... I'm looking forward to this weekend's practice. I feel ya, though, if I don't get to play onstage somewhere soon my head's gonna explode!     >;)>
By popular demand, from the Member's Only page comes the Entrapment "Circle E" Cursor!
Now available to the public, you can find it in the Entra-active Area of our Home page.
Get one, or several for your pc and start clicking with your favorite band's logo TODAY!!!
(Desktop icons available by request. Offer void in Yugoslavia. See dealership for details. Pricing, availability and coverage areas may vary.)
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