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Everything that is written here is my (D. Bunk's) point of view and I will be the only one who is responsible and accountable for anything that is written here. Thank you.
We find a place to practice.
Finally get a nice day and we (almost all of us)  move in and set up.
Rick goes to Colorado.
After a month and a half hiatus we finally get together, talk, and decide that we're gonna be a band. We get back to work.
Rick lets us know that he's decided to move to Colorado. He will remain a member of the band.
We let our backup guitarist know that he's on.
Book a gig at the Crosstown Cafe for July 12-13.  We set up a 3-day-a-week practice schedule.
Our first practice with Chris "Chicken" Ellison. Rick is practicing with us, as well.
"Chicken" brings gear.
Submit demo for June Jam.
Chicken quits...
As it turns out, Rick will be staying.  Spirits rise. Band goes into practice overdrive!
The 4-day-a-week practice schedule goes into effect.
Dan Lewis calls and books us for the Lewis Bowl Fest.
Complete work on a song we've all been wanting to do for years...
Book gigs at Zat's and Ickey Nickel.
June Jam - We were the last band to play the Historic District stage going on at about 10:05 pm.
That block of 4th St. between Court and Virginia was completely packed and it was estimated that at least 1200 people were on it at that time. Though tired and very nervous we managed to create an energy to fuel one kick ass first-time-back-out show. Wood is now stage broken and has earned his "E" wings.
Lewis Bowl Fest - Friday we played outside to mostly volleyball players. Kinda slow but still pretty cool... we just got up and did our thing.  Saturday night we were the last band on, played inside to a packed house. Got to do 2 sets and I'll tell ya that we kicked some serious ass that night. I was in shock when Bernard Allison came up to me with a bunch of compliments for the band and I.  "Keep on rockin', brotha!", he said last.
Crosstown Cafe - An excellent weekend!  The first time since we got "Wood" (excuse the pun) that we've got to play on our full stage setup. Our buddy and old guitar player Bruce (the shadow, as we used to call him) Kennedy sat in for a set both nights. It was good to jam some of the songs we used to play with Bruce. He rocks!!! An excellent guitar player.
     Friday night.......nervous energy. Saturday we were back in form. Rockin' for peanuts?
No. Rockin for those who enjoy seeing us back at the old stomping grounds. 
Steve's Place - An all around great gig...  Bruce showed up and jammed for a bit.
Great crowd, damn good drinks, can't wait to play there again.
Ickey Nickel Days of Summer - The first 2 bands played. We (as the headliner) got rained out AGAIN!!!   Always seems to happen to us for some odd reason.   >:(  Ahh, that's okay, we got to hang out with some cool peepoles on the bus. The Ragbrai-ers (marathon type bicyclers that were camping out)  we were hangin with broke out a 14-hosed beer bong made out of an old tuba that holds over 8 pitchers of beer!!!
Need I say more?
Tommy Bolin Festival 2002 - Saturday night spot just before Rick Derringer. After technical difficulties with the wireless, we started about 10 minutes late to an eager crowd which more than tripled shortly after our start.  A rockin' set indeed!  The crowd seemed to really appreciate our version of "Brother, Brother" judging by their response. Which is cool because we were kinda worried about how people might take it.  After watching the video tape I'd have to say that Wood was the "rock star" of our set!
We decide to take the next 5 weeks off to work on original material
but it doesn't happen.
We disband.
We decide to continue as a 3-piece band.
Rick will finish out the gigs through to the end of October.
Zat's - Very good gig. The crowd was rockin', good outcome despite all of the other
happenings in town (Mr. Big - Enuff Z'nuff & Bernard Allison at other venues).
You couldn't tell we hadn't practiced in 5 weeks, in fact, this is the best we've played
in months.
Entrapment's Final Stand (The Envelopment) - Crosstown Cafe - A great night of playing indeed. Bittersweet.  I'd say that our performance this night had a certain kind of desperation to it... I know that we rocked harder than we ever had (I'm still sore from my neck to my knees). Alot of love was shown this night and it ended like a heavy metal funeral: pictures, tears, and autographs. Goodnight and farewell...                                                                             
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